Lucy Pinder Measurements

We've covered just about every detail and fact concerning Lucy Pinder, and now we'll reveal her official listed body measurements.
So without further ado, the official listing reads 32G–26–34!

Does that sound about right to you? I would have guessed she had a 34 bust line, but i suppose she could alternate, depending on the occasion and outfit, right?

Lucy Pinder Birthday

Just a little reminder that Lucy Pinder's birthday is coming up around bend, that's right ladies and gentlemen Lucy Pinder was born on December 20th 1983 and her birthday currently looms in closely.

I just hope she doesn't do anything wild like getting breast implants or something of that nature. Remember she mentioned that in the past.


Lucy Pinder Net Worth

Lucy Pinder is one of the fastest rising lingerie models in the fashion industry, along with a slew of other professional ventures, which makes me wonder what her net worth is.

I would imagine that she is worth at least a couple million.


Lucy Pinder Hairstyles

I think its fair to say that Lucy Pinder's overall beauty is heavily overshadowed by her chest, in particular her gorgeous long flowing hairstyles.

That's right folks, I'm a huge fan of Lucy Pinder's dazzling array of hairstyles, especially when she dons her natural brunette hair. Simply stunning hair quality!

Name some of Lucy Pinder's other overlooks attributes.


Lucy Pinder Height

Has anyone else ever wondered how tall Lucy Pinder is? Well i did!

So i did a little background check and discovered that Lucy Pinder's actual height is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

5 feet 5 inches of stunning perfection if you ask me!